Greens for the whole Family.

Green Smoothies are a main staple in my family’s diet. It’s a nutrient powerhouse that we try our best to take in daily!

When we first started our Plant Based Journey, my husband and I binge watched every food documentary out there. “Fat, sick and nearly dead” along with its sequel, talked about juicing fruits and vegetables for optimal health. But we couldn’t help but feel like that wasn’t the most optimal way to take in fruits & veggies… there was so much of the plant that was being removed! Nature is perfect.. so it just didn’t make a lot of sense to me, throwing half of the food in the compost.

So we continued our research… and eventually came across the book “Green for Life” by Victoria Boutenko. This book absolutely changed my eating habits forever! The book examines the diet of Chimpanzees, whom we share 99.4% of our DNA with. They mostly eat green leaves, bark, blossoms and fruit. When looking at the standard American diet, full of cooked carbs & animal foods… its obvious to see that there is a major difference in the diet of Chimps and humans…. Victoria Boutenko suggests that the major food group lacking in our diets is leafy green vegetables.

Pie Charts from Victoria Boutenko’s book Green For Life

Many people have promoted juicing fruits and vegetables, but only a few have promoted smoothies. Victoria Boutenko outlines why both soluble & insoluble fiber is absolutely necessary in the digestive process. She states that “Without fiber, complete elimination is nearly impossible, if it is possible at all.” She also says that a large amount of toxins accumulate in our colon, and that insoluble fiber, found in greens, can absorb many times more toxins than its own volume… allowing our bodies to rid itself of these toxins naturally, through digestion. So as you can see, it is best to consume this insoluble fiber, rather than throwing it out in the juicing process.

The chapter in Victoria Boutenko’s book called “The Healing Powers of Chlorophyll” is one of my absolute favorites. She explains that Chlorophyll is like liquid sunshine for your insides. Chlorophyll oxygenates our bodies, and allows the good bacteria to colonize in our intestines. There is a list within this chapter that outlines the endless benefits of Chlorophyll. Recently, I’ve noticed that I no longer need to use deodorant! Drinking my daily dose of Chlorophyll has eliminated my body odor! It can also “prevent cancer, eliminate bad breath, relieves sore throat, makes the body more alkaline, helps sores heal faster, resists bacteria in wounds, reduces pain caused by inflammation, and improves vision” (Pg 87 Boutenko)

The entire book is a game changer… it was a quick read that I couldn’t put down.

Ever since I first read that book, I decided that to try my best to take in a green smoothie every day. The effects were drastic, and hard to ignore! Immediately I noticed an increase in energy, and I seemed to be able to recall information more quickly and easily. The days where I skipped my smoothie, I felt more foggy headed, and just not as sharp mentally.

I also notice that my body craves more greens than I ever did before green smoothies.
I’ve never been a huge fan of greens, but the fruit in the smoothies covers up their flavor, so don’t let the color of the smoothie fool you, they are very fruity! Now that I drink green smoothies frequently, I’ve found that I now enjoy their flavor a lot!

My kids were a little hesitant when they first saw me drinking green smoothies… and I was able to get them to try them a few times. They said they liked them, but they definitely weren’t as excited as I was to drink them daily.

So I bought popsicle trays, and started pouring smoothies in and freezing them. The results were phenomenal! Now my kids are excited for their daily green smoothie pops! They also really enjoy when I add a “surprise inside” by placing a small piece of fruit in the middle of the popsicle before freezing.

Below I will outline the basics for my green smoothies. They are very quick and easy to make… and totally customizable!

Greens – Kale, spinach, chard, collards etc, rotate through different types often.

Juice or Water – make sure the juice is all natural and doesn’t contain any added sugar.

Whole Flaxseeds – Flaxseeds perish quickly once ground, so whole is preferred.

Bananas – They make the smoothie creamy and delicious.

Frozen Fruit – Mix and match for delicious flavors! My favorites are pineapple with mango. Berry smoothies are delicious too!

The amount of greens you will use depends on your experience. When you first start out, maybe 1 or 2 handfuls is enough, but the idea is to work up to as much greens as possible. 1lbs per person, per day is the goal.

I pack the blender full of greens, add the flax seed (start with 1-2 Tablespoons and work up from there) then add the juice or water and blend until smooth. You will notice the greens compact down and you can fit a lot more in your blender when you blend the greens first.

Now add a banana, and your frozen fruit. This is the part you get to really have fun with! Make these any flavor you’d like! I’ve added avocados to mine, which makes them ultra creamy. I like tossing in any fruit I have on hand.. and of course the frozen fruit. You can always substitute this with Ice, but you definitely need something to make the smoothie cold. The amount of fruit you add is totally up to you, and depends on how much room you have left in your blender!

As you can see, my smoothie recipe is not an exact science! I never measure my ingredients, mostly I just pour in the amount I’d like for the day. I encourage you to have fun with this, and make it your own!

Thanks for reading, and let me know if you decide to try a Green Smoothie of your own!!


Lillebaby Woven Complete Baby Carrier


I’ve tried a few different baby carrier brands, and Lillebaby has proven to be my favorite by far. They have so many different fabrics to choose from, and the many features are amazing! Lumbar support, neck support, a zippered front pocket.. and so much more!

The first Lillebaby carrier I tried was their Ring Sling. It’s a single layer of linen, and is so breathable, lightweight, and comfortable! We have one in Pomegranate, and its been my most used carrier! I started wearing baby Rose in the ring sling when she was a newborn, and I absolutely loved it around the house, on the go, and especially at restaurants. I loved that the sling came with the little pocket, and getting baby in and out of the carrier was so easy and fast! Also, because there isn’t a waistband on this carrier, sitting down is very comfortable while wearing, this is crucial with a newborn, since they sleep so often.

My little one is 18 months old now, and we still love the ring sling! In this photo, I sat in the back seat and got my baby girl into the carrier while she was sleeping! She stayed asleep at first, but then when we got into the restaurant, she woke up to look around.

After falling in love with Lillebaby’ s Ring Sling, I really wanted to try their complete line of carriers! But I was overwhelmed with the options, which would be best for me? Did I need an Airflow to keep cool in the warmer months? Or maybe an All-Seasons for optional breathability and fun patterns? Eventually I settled on the Emerald Embossed. Its a beautiful green carrier that has a very upscale, and luxury look. This was a carrier that both my husband and I would be happy wearing, and would be perfect for any occasion.

I loved this carrier so much, that I decided I REALLY wanted another, but this time in a different material. Thanks to the “Lillebaby Love” group on Facebook, I found out that the Woven carrier was a fan favorite. I was drawn to the beautiful sand dollar pattern, and the teal color of the “Sleep Dust” is absolutely gorgeous. I decided to go for it… and when it came in the mail, it was absolute love. Its so soft, snuggly and beautiful! I tried it out in the heat and found it to be surprisingly breathable, and light weight compared to my embossed.

Not long after getting the sleep dust woven, I started doing baby wearing yoga. I quickly fell in love, holding my little one close while getting some exercise and clearing my mental cache is fun and addictive. I quickly noticed that the woven seemed to be more comfortable than my embossed for doing yoga. After a bit of research, I found out that the woven is made from a cotton tencel blend. Tencel is the same material that the Lillebaby stretchy wraps are made out of. It’s a very stretchy and ultra soft material. Its no wonder the woven carriers are so comfortable and soft!! This also explains why the Woven is the perfect carrier for exercise and yoga.. Much like your favorite yoga pants, the woven fits like a glove, and has a slight stretch to it.

A ways down the road, and a few new Lillebaby carriers later… I fell in love with a new carrier… The Candy Shop woven.

When I first got the Sleep Dust woven, I was drawn to the beautiful shade of blue, it’s one of my favorite colors, and its also the color of my little ones birth stone. I absolutely loved the Sleep Dust, so I was a bit surprised by the fact that the bright pink Candy Shop Woven could so easily become my favorite carrier.

Its such a beautiful pop of color! I absolutely love how bright it is, perfect for summer!

It quickly proved that it was just as perfect for yoga as my other woven carrier! And when you have a girl… why not indulge in the girliest colors?!

There are rumors that the wovens are not going to be made anymore! I am so happy to have 2 of them, as they are my absolute favorite carriers!! But I’m also sad that there won’t be any more anytime soon!

So if you’ve been debating whether or not to buy one of these gorgeous woven carriers…. I highly recommend getting one before they all sell out!!

Natural Makeup Look

I try to stick to a simplistic lifestyle. For example, the only soap I use for hair, body, face & hands is Dr Bronners Pure Castile Soap. I even use that same soap for brushing my teeth!!

I basically try to limit any potential toxins, after all… they say your skin is your largest organ. No need in slathering it with toxic products, as it will be absorbed into the bloodstream! But I do have one guilty pleasure that I just won’t give up!!!

Makeup! I absolutely love it! To me, it’s an art form that I get to wear. I love taking my time and trying different looks.

I’ve been obsessed with makeup since I was a teen, and I can’t even tell you how many embarrassing makeup fazes I’ve gone through! There was even a time I used sharpie on my eyebrows! I wish I could say that was a joke!!

So I’d like to share the makeup look that I’m loving the most right now. Its a natural glam, with winged liner and a nude lip.

I start by making sure my face is clean, exfoliated and moisturized. I use a wash cloth in the shower with a small amount of Lavender Dr Bronners. I gently apply the soap with the wash cloth using circular motions. I also pay special attention to my lips, making sure they are exfoliated is the key to the perfect matte lip!

After my face is all clean, I moisturize heavily! I have combination skin, and live in a dry climate, so I use 2 types of moisturizers. First I use a Cocoa Butter stick as a deep moisturizer on my dry patches, and I use it as a lip balm, the smell is so delicious and chocolatey!

Then I use Pure Aloe Vera Gel all over my entire face. I’ve used this stuff for years and can’t say enough good things about it! Its a light weight moisturizer that never looks greasy. It provides a barrier on the skin to protect from the elements, and it locks in moisture!

As a primer, I use MAC Fix+ Spray, I spray a generous amount all over my face. I love that this stuff is like 2 products in one! Both a primer, and a setting spray! Plus, if you have a product that has dried out… spray a little of this in it, and it’s as good as new!

Now its time for eyebrows! I’ve been obsessed with the perfect brow for a long time! I’ve gone through a lot of struggles with mine, but I’m happy to say I’ve finally got the brows I’ve always wanted! I’m working on letting them grow in as much as possible, and only plucking minimally.

I use Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow in Taupe, and I grab a small amount of product with the ABH Brow Brush. I start with the arch and tail of my brow, then I work through the rest. I try to only use a small amount on the beginning of the brow to give it that “gradient” effect that makes the brows look more natural. Then I use the spoolie side of the brush to comb through the brows.

Every time I do my eyebrows they end up a little differently.. they were a bit on the heavy side in the above pic, so heres an image that shows what I am going for when I do my eyebrows.

After my eyebrows are filled in, I use ABH Flesh Toned Pencil to “carve out” my brows.
I love using this pencil because its very simple to conceal all around the brows without using a brush. I then use my Beauty Blender to blend the concealer in.

After my eyebrows are all finished, I get started on my eyes! I used to do my foundation before my eyes, but I always got fall out shadow all over my face, and would have to go back in with more foundation to fix it… which resulted in a cakey look. So now, I do my eyes before my foundation, that way I can easily wipe away any fall out shadow.. and won’t have to go back over it with more foundation.

First I apply Urban Decay Primer Potion on my eyelids. Then I get out my beloved Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette and use the lightest color (ounce) all over my entire lid. The eyeshadow primer leaves eyelids slightly sticky, which is great if you want your eyeshadow to last a long time.. but it can make blending your shadow a little challenging. I’ve found that using a flesh toned color all over the lid first eliminates this issue, and makes blending my eyeshadow a breeze. Now I go for the color “sauced” and apply it to my crease generously using the eyeshadow brush that comes with the palette. Then I use “low blow” in the crease over a smaller area.

Next I use the lightest shade again, “ounce” on my inner corners and under my brow bone. I like to use this lightest shade to clean up the look, in case I blended the colors a little too far out. Now I grab an Angled Eyeshadow Brush and use the dark purple color “ashes” to create a small wing on the outer corner of my eye. After the wing is created, I line the top lash line ever so slightly with this same color.

Much like eyebrows, the winged liner comes out a little different every time. I have always used black liquid liner to achieve the winged look, but as of the last few years I’ve stopped using it, and switched to just using eyeshadow! I find the look to be much softer, more natural.. and not as dramatic. Perfect for anytime of day, and any occasion.

The last step for eyeshadow is to use a Flat Eyeshadow Brush and pick up the color “Low Blow” and apply a small amount to the lower lash line, being careful not to bring the shadow in too far. You want it to be just at the outer corner of the lower lashes. I use my finger to gently blend this part out to make it look seamless and natural.

Time to move on to foundation! I’ve fallen in love with Lancome 24 hr Foundation, this stuff is amazing!! It gives my skin an airbrushed finish that really does last 24 hours! I’ve fallen asleep with my makeup on a few times, and I’m always surprised at how flawless my makeup still looks the next day!! I highly recommend going in to Sephora or Ulta to get this foundation matched to your skin, there are tons of shades.. and after I had an associate match my skin tone, it was a game changer!! I’ve never loved a foundation as much as I love this one!!

I apply this foundation by adding a few pumps to my finger and dotting it on the areas I need it most. Then I grab my Beauty Blender and blend the foundation out using a dabbing motion. I used to just smear the foundation around, but I’ve found that patting it in provides a more natural finish.

After the foundation is perfectly blended, I use one of my new favorite products… Becca Creme Highlighter in Moonstone. I didn’t understand what all the hype was when it comes to highlighter, until I got this one a few months back. I chose this creme formula because I was going for a dewy look.. but after using it a few times I realized that the creme is perfect if you’re going for a more natural daytime look! The powder version tends to go on a lot heavier, while the creme is more sheer.

I use my fingers (making sure they are freshly washed so there is no makeup on my hands,) to apply this to the top of my cheekbones, slightly on my temples, under my brow bone, and in the inner corners of my eyes. Highlighter is now my number one must have makeup item!! Even when I’m going makeup free, I like to add a little of this for a radiant glow!

After highlighter I apply bronzer. Golden Bronzer by MAC has been my favorite for years. I use it as subtle contour, by picking up some of the product with an Angled Blush Brush and applying it just slightly under my cheekbones.. blending it up onto my temples, and on the top of the forehead. I also add a bit on each side of my nose for a sun kissed look.

Lipstick has become one of my favorite things lately! I start with MAC Lip Liner in Spice, lining my lips carefully.. and filling in most of my lips with the liner. I rub my lips together to spread the color evenly… patting them with my finger to ensure the color is even. I originally bought this lip liner because I was looking for a color that would perfectly match my all-time favorite shade, Velvet Teddy by MAC. But after using this liner a few times, I tried it with my Stila Liquid Lipstick in Bellissima, which is a light pink shade. I apply the lipstick only to the center of the lips, and I’ve found that this is my new favorite combo! Naturally, lips tend to be darker on the edges and lighter towards the center… so this dark lip liner and the light lipstick create a natural and beautiful look!

There are SO many mascaras out there, and I’ve tried a lot of them! A few years ago, for Christmas, my husband got me Benefit Roller Lash Mascara, and it quickly became my favorite! It applies well, and isn’t clumpy. My eyelashes gain a lot of volume and length, and my favorite part is that it doesn’t transfer to my brow bone! I usually apply one coat, and if I’m looking for a little extra drama, I will go in for a second coat after the first has dried.

The final step with my makeup is to apply MAC Fix+ as a setting spray. I spray a pretty generous amount all over my face, and allow it to air dry. This step is really important, as it helps me makeup stay in place all day!

Thank you for taking the time to read about my current favorite makeup look! If you found this post helpful, I would love to hear about it in the comments!!

Also, as a disclaimer.. the links posted throughout this blog post are affiliate links, meaning that I receive a commission if you make a purchase through my link. (At no extra cost to you!) So if you decide to purchase through my links, Thank you for your support!!

Alkaline vs. Acidic

Most everyone either knows someone that has battled cancer, or has had it themselves. In the US, 1 in 3 people will have cancer, and 1 in 5 will die from it. These numbers are incredibly alarming, especially considering I have a family of 5. According to these statistics one of my immediate family members will die from cancer. Ignoring this issue is just not an option, we have to make a change to avoid sickness and death of our loved ones.

In 1931, Dr. Otto Warburg won the Noble Peace Prize for his research on the respiration of cells. His most notable finding was that all cancer cells had one major thing in common, they were anaerobic. In other words, all cancer cells are lacking oxygen.

“Cancer cannot survive in an alkaline, oxygenated environment.” – Otto Warburg.

Although Dr. Warburg seemed to have found a huge clue in the cause of cancer, it seems his findings were mostly ignored. Mainstream medicine instead adopted the idea of killing cancer cells through chemotherapy. The biggest issue with this, is that in the process of killing cancerous cells, it also kills healthy cells… weakening the immune system and deteriorating the overall health of the individual.

So why would the medical field accept chemotherapy as the go-to cure? While this is another controversial topic worth delving into at another time, the short answer is that the pharmaceutical industry profits more off sickness, than it does health. Along with the incredibly expensive chemotherapy, comes all of the medication to help the patient along the way, such as anti-nausea and pain relievers.

If chemotherapy isn’t the answer, than what is?? According to Otto Warburg, an Alkaline & Oxygenated environment is the key to preventing, and curing cancer. To understand what this means, the PH of your body must first be understood.

PH, (potential hydrogen) is referred to on a scale from 0-14, 0 is acidic, a negative charge. 7 is neutral, and 14 is alkaline, a positive charge. My theory is that the health of your body is very dependent on where your PH is currently at.

Litmus Papers are a fantastic way to check your PH, simply wet the strip on your tongue, and see what color is left on the strip. Usually a healthy person’s saliva is neutral to slightly alkaline, around a 7 or 8 PH. My husband and I have tried these strips a lot, and we’ve found that the PH of our bodies changes very rapidly, especially after ingesting food. After a green smoothie, I found that my PH was at an 8. That very same day and a matter of an hour later, I tried another litmus paper after eating some sourdough bread with vegan margarine.. my PH had lowered to a 6.5.

How to prevent, and potentially cure cancer naturally:

  • Consume a diet rich in alkaline foods – This is the foundation for good health, the term “you are what you eat” was more correct then we realized. Dark leafy greens are possibly the most important staple in everyone’s diet, as they are incredibly nutrient rich, alkaline, and they also oxygenate the body.
  • Exercise Regularly – This is a fantastic way to oxygenate your body. Many forms of yoga focus on the breath throughout the practice, this is a great way to provide your body with adequate oxygen.
  • Positive Thoughts – Did you know that thoughts can also affect your PH? Thinking positively will help you become more alkaline, while thinking negatively will surely make your body more acidic.
  • Positive Surroundings – All of the above points are absolutely important, but even if all of those criteria are met… you can still become very acidic by being around negativity. For example, living in a traumatic home situation will always keep your body acidic, no matter how well you are doing in all other areas.
  • Adequate Sleep – When our bodies are deprived of sleep, we are more likely to make poor food choices, and we are more likely to choose acidic thoughts, which in turn… creates acidic surroundings. Sleep can be under estimated with how fast paced life is. But, getting enough sleep every night is absolutely key to a healthy life.

For me, it’s been challenging to consume a strictly alkaline diet. The standard American diet is overwhelmed with acidic foods, which is undoubtedly linked to the cancer rates. Everyone’s path is different, but I’ve found that the diet that is most rich in alkaline foods is a Whole Foods, Plant Based diet. This means to only consume plant foods that are unprocessed and in their natural form. My simple rule of thumb is “If it doesn’t resemble food, don’t eat it!” So many products on the market today are not food, but instead “food-like product.”

I’ve been meaning to write a post about the benefits of green smoothies, which I’m very excited to share. I decided that this article was a prerequisite for understanding why green smoothies are so important. Stay tuned for that blog post!

Hands Free at the Plant Nursery

One of my absolute favorite things to do on the weekends is visit a local plant nursery. The one we went to today was absolutely amazing. They have such a wide variety of plants! Indoor, outdoor, and edible.. I could spend all day at this place!

I also love that baby wearing keeps my daughter up high where she can see all the plants. While we look around, baby Rose loves smelling the fragrant plants. She says “Mmmmm!” after she smells them. She is already developing such a love for plant life, and this warms my heart so much!

Today, while we browsed through the gardening tools, there was a large selection of sun hats! I love putting sun hats on my little one… even if she doesn’t always keep them on! Even though it was a very hot day outside, I chose my Woven Carrier by Lillebaby. This carrier is so soft and comfortable, yet also breathable. It does so well in the heat!

I recently received the Tokkie Babe Storage Pouch, and I was very excited to try it out!! It has a velcro strap that allows it to easily attach to the baby carrier. With Lillebaby carriers there is a spot on the side, and a spot in the front where this bag fits perfectly. I was a bit surprised with how much this bag held!! Although its not too large, I was easily able to fit a cloth diaper, a wet bag, a bag of wipes, my phone, keys, cards and money.. with plenty of space left over!!

I have an iPhone 7 Plus, which is a pretty large phone. I always find it challenging to fit this thing in small bags.. but with the Tokkie babe, it easily fit in the front pocket! I also attached a keychain Stuffed Animal onto the zipper of the front pocket. Having a toy available for my little girl is an absolute necessity, it’s saved us from a meltdown on more then one occasion!

When I first saw this storage pouch recommended by other Lillebaby lovers, I wasn’t a huge fan. It gave me serious fanny pack vibes! But, after seeing it in person and trying it out… I absolutely love it!

I love that its so easy to attach to the waistband of the carrier, and because it’s not on my shoulder, it’s completely weightless! The best part about this bag is that it fits so much stuff! I would have never guesssed that it was so spacious inside, until I started filling it with items, and it was easy to fit everything I needed inside with plenty of room leftover!

If you are interested in purchasing the Tokkie Babe Storage Pouch, they have offered my readers a special discount! Follow this link for a coupon code which can be entered on Amazon at checkout! Click Here for the Coupon!

We didn’t bring home any new plants today, but we were able to pick up some soil and nutrients for our plants at home. I also have an onion that has sprouted, I’m very excited to plant it! I will provide an update on that onion later!

Thanks for reading, and although I do receive a commission on purchases made through the amazon links posted, (at no extra cost to you,) all of the opinions are my own, and are completely honest.

Plant Based Lifestyle

About 4 years ago my husband and I were eating McDonalds, Burger King.. and any other fast food frequently. We wanted to be healthy, but we also just needed to eat.

We ate these types of foods so frequently that I became tired of it… we went to the grocery store and got all of the ingredients for a delicious home cooked meal, chicken parm.

The price of the ingredients for that one meal was so steep in comparison to the cost of the fast food, it was baffling! How does anyone afford to cook the food they like?!?! It’s so much more cost effective to just eat junk!

We made the chicken parm, and it was delicious.. but afterwards we decided to watch a Netflix documentary called “Cowspiracy” and since that day we were never the same again.

We went on a food documentary binge for weeks after that… we wanted to learn absolutely everything we could about food, and what was safe to eat. It seemed like absolutely everything was toxic!

Food Inc, Forks Over Knives, Fat Sick & Nearly Dead (1 & 2), Vegucated, Earthlings, Food Matters, Hungry for Change, Supersize me, and in more recent years, plant pure nation, Food Choices… and What the Health.

I’m not exaggerating when I say that we watched every documentary on the subject! What we found is that we had no other choice… we had to start eating right. Even though it was cheaper immediately to eat fast food, we were paying for it with our health.

I had a sinus infection that seemed to last for months, I was sick and not getting better. It was time for change.

So we dove in headfirst… and we’ve been Vegan ever since! At first the food was bland and not that good. But I kept trying new recipes and we refused to go back to our old eating habits. I found Minimalist Baker, and fell in love with their recipes.. this greatly improved the taste of our meals!

No one was supportive of our venture, most people would mock our decision.. and laugh at the idea of no meat or dairy. We quickly learned that we couldn’t really talk about being vegan, if we did it somehow insulted people in a very subconscious way.

We all want to believe that the food we are eating is safe for consumption, and is benefiting us. To shatter that belief is to challenge the basic framework of our upbringing.

There are 3 main reasons why my husband and I decided to go Vegan.

1. The Environment: Eating Meat & Dairy is not sustainable for the environment. The green house gases emitted by livestock is destroying our planet. Read more about this Here.

2. The Animals: Actually watching the slaughter, rape, and abuse that animals endure on a daily basis, like in the documentary “Earthlings” made me realize that I am NOT okay with how these living beings are treated, and I do NOT want to support the industry that allows this! I would never go outside, find a cow, and start killing it for the purpose of eating it. I would eat grass before I would murder a cow! So in that sense, I am not okay with someone else murdering a cow for my consumption.

3. Health: I used to believe meat & dairy were at least kind of healthy…. but as shown in The China Study it’s actually the leading cause of cancer & obesity! As Hippocrates said “Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food.”

Another thing to consider… we feed livestock massive amounts of corn and soy. If we simply fed that to people instead… we could end world hunger!!

I used to think “what difference do I really make though?” “Even if I stop contributing to those companies, others will still buy from them.” While that is true, I now think of every dollar I spend as a vote for the products and companies that I want to exist. Essentially it’s true, every dollar we give to the meat & dairy industry is a loud and clear message “I like this product, and I want more of it!!”

Since becoming vegan I have noticed immense health benefits. I am more fit than ever before, I no longer get psoriasis or acne, when I get sick my recovery time is much more rapid, and my cognitive ability has greatly improved. I’ve also noticed that my complexion is much more even toned, whereas before it was red and blotchy. Also, my husband and I are both fitness fiends, and we’ve found that our endurance has greatly improved, as well as our speed and agility. Overall my health has greatly improved thanks to a vegan lifestyle.

Thank you for reading this post! If you are intrigued by my experience and would like to know more… I highly recommend binging on Netflix documentaries! There is so much powerful information and personal experiences, it makes the transition easy!

What about you? Have you thought about the plant based lifestyle? If so, is there anything holding you back? I’d love to hear about it in the comments!!!

Coffee & Tea


Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, coffee was everywhere. Most people think “Oh you mean a lot of Starbucks?” NOPE.

Even though Starbucks originated in Seattle, people there are anti-Starbucks… and rightfully so, there are so many coffee stands up there, it’s great that everyone wants to support small local businesses! But they also say that Starbucks coffee just isn’t good! They prefer the taste of espresso from a small stand… and I have to agree with them! Something about the local coffee stands is much more delicious than Starbucks. I’ve always felt like I couldn’t taste the actual coffee through all those sweeteners in the Caramel Macchiato.

So for most of my adult life I’ve been a coffee fiend. Every morning I looked forward to my delicious iced espresso with all the sweetness!

There was a particular stand… called Red Leaf. An Organic coffee shop with a drive threw that made the absolute BEST iced coffee I’ve ever had!

A large Iced Gold Rush with hemp milk, an extra shot, and extra sweet! My mouth waters just thinking of that drink! It was 4 shots of espresso with white chocolate powder and caramel sauce. So delicious! But also… so not good for the body… or the wallet!


As much as I absolutely loved that coffee… I had to give it up and make coffee at home. I have a small espresso machine, Like this one, and the coffee does come out much stronger than the regular drip coffee… but I found myself adding tons of caramel sauce just to enjoy it.


So I did some research, and decided to get a French Press coffee maker. With this method you heat up some water and add grounds to the French press, then pour the parboiled water over the top, and cap the top… keep the plunger lifted up while it steeps for about 5 minutes… and push the plunger down to filter the grounds from the coffee. The coffee tasted great… but I found the same issue with needing to add tons of caramel sauce to enjoy the coffee!

That’s when I decided to venture into cold brew. It’s a much less acidic than regular coffee, which means (slightly) healthier! So I used a mason jar and mixed coarse ground coffee beans with water, and let it sit overnight. In the morning I poured it into the French press and pushed the plunger down to strain the beans out.

The cold brew coffee was much less acidic! It was so smooth and delicious! I could drink it with nothing but almond milk and still enjoy it!

So I carried on like this for about a year. It was so enjoyable I ended up having multiple cups most days. I also found coconut nectar, which is a healthier substitute to caramel sauce, that is delicious!


I loved the cold brew coffee so much, I decided to buy a special Cold Brew Coffee Maker and a Burr Grinder so that my coffee would be the absolute best! I continued this method for months.

Then one day, I woke up very sick, yet went for my morning cup of iced cold brew coffee. I was out of coconut nectar, so I just used milk.. and I became so nauseated after the first few sips, I couldn’t bring myself to drink any more… I then went 4 days without coffee. Even after I was well again, the thought of coffee made me sick to my stomach.

I guess I was ready to give it up. No more coffee for me… I was ready to switch to Tea.


My husband brought home some Tangerine Yogi Tea, a Tea I had previously tried and loved. I started the Tea Kettle and added 2 tea bags to my large mug, and let it steep for about 5-10 minutes. Then I added agave nectar, and the juice of an entire lemon to the the tea.


The results were PHENOMINAL! This is by far the most pleasant way to enjoy a cup of tea! And there is no sugar, no artificial sweeteners, no acidity… Everything I’ve ever wanted in a morning cup of deliciousness!

Thank you for reading about my journey from coffee to tea, I hope I’ve inspired you to try a new way to wake up!